Treating the menopause holistically

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About Dr Alice Scott


Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care

Dr Scott is a General Practitioner and has additionally completed the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care from The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

She is recognised as a Menopause Specialist by the British Menopause Society and is very experienced in treating menopausal issues. She has had several publications in medical journals about menopause care and continues to write in this area.

Dr Scott is a conscientious and thorough practitioner. She maintains her clinical competencies and keeps abreast of contemporary medical advances by regular reading of medical journals, attending academic conferences and courses, and meeting with other professionals on a regular basis. She believes in personalised medical care and takes an active role in disease prevention. Her approachable style will put you at ease to discuss your health.


In addition to providing care in The Menopause Clinic, Dr Scott also provides a full range of General Practice Services at Essex Private Doctors. She has post graduate Diplomas in Child Health, Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, and the Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care. On passing the membership exams to the Royal College of General Practitioners, she was presented an Excellence Award for her performance.


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