Body identical hormones vs bioidentical hormones

It is possible to give HRT using body identical hormones which are exactly the same as your body’s own natural hormones. This is by using oestradiol and micronised progesterone (if a progestogen is required) and if it is needed, testosterone too. Body identical hormones are medications which have been subject to safety testing and quality control and are regulated by the Medicines Regulatory Agency.


Body identical HRT is available at this clinic.


Bioidentical Hormones is a term used for compounded products which are marketed as being “natural” and “individualised” or “customised” for women. They are often made following salivary hormone measurements which can be inaccurate and vary daily. These products are unregulated by the Medicines Regulatory Agency and are unlicensed. They have not been subject to the same safety testing or quality control as the regulated HRT products in body identical HRT. The use of bioidentical compounded hormones is not recommended by the British Menopause Society.

Bioidentical compounded HRT is not prescribed at this clinic.


Actually, some of the ingredients in compounded bioidentical products such as oestradiol, progesterone and testosterone, are the same as in body identical HRT but it is possible to prescribe these in a regulated fashion instead, rather than in compounded products.

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